Be Flood Smart

This Sacramento County website shows residents how to be "Storm Ready" in winter, spring, summer, and fall.


So You Live Behind A Levee...

Links to a public education booklet created by the American Society of Civil Engineers to help individuals and communities better protect themselves against future flood threats.

San Joaquin County Flood Evacuation Plan

What highway would you take to escape a flood? How will you be warned of flood risk? This detailed plan provides plenty of helpful advice.

Find Flood Insurance Information 

FEMA maintains a website with information about flood insurance and about its flood mapping program. as a result of this program, many Californians may need to purchase flood insurance.


"Do I Need A Permit?"

The Central Valley Flood Protection Board maintains this website to assist homeowners, builders, and others in determining whether a project on or near a levee requires a permit. If your project is within 300 feet of a levee, the answer may be "Yes."

Prepare For Emergencies

According to the Governor's Office of Emergency Services, over 5 million Californians, or approximately 15 percent of the total population, lived in a designated floodplain.

The Office of Emergency Services has some smart tips that families can use to prepare for flooding emergencies.


Produced by the California Department of Water Resources, this short video provides a first-rate introduction to Central Valley residents' flood risk.

Flood Risk in the Central Valley

More Educational Videos

California Flood Policy Background Fact Sheets

The California Central Valley has prepared five fact sheets regarding California flood control policy. Download these fact sheets to learn more about the participants, the State Plan of Flood Control, California's history of flooding and droughts, the legacy of Hurricane Katrina, and the future of California's flood safety efforts.

Key Flood Links




State Agencies

Federal Agencies

Other Partners

  • Agricultural Floodplain Management Alliance (AFMA)(Coalition of local agencies, organizations, and individuals interested in protecting the long-term viability of agricultural communities, industries, and operations located in the regulatory floodplain)

                             FLOOD CONTROL REPORTS

  • Central Valley Flood Protection Plan, 2012 (CVFPP)