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 March 9, 2018


10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown

300 J Street, Sacramento, CA

Please mark your calendars to hear a panel of experts present their views on this year's topic:

Post Disaster: Weathering Scrutiny of Flood Management Decisions 

A series of storms in the Winter of 2017 delivered heavy precipitation, second only to 1983 as California’s wettest year in recorded history. When the Oroville Dam main spillway failed and the hillside below the auxiliary spillway began to erode, more than 180,000 people were placed under mandatory evacuation.  A forensic report by an independent panel of experts identified design flaws, inadequate maintenance, and institutional issues that either caused or exacerbated the disaster.

Similar critical evaluations were conducted after Hurricane Katrina and in Houston last year. If/when a mega flood hits the Central Valley next, there are likely to be levee failures and loss of life.  What would a post-flood assessment say about the institutions that govern, regulate, and fund the Central Valley flood protection system?  Will implementation of the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan coupled with the investment of billions of dollars in Federal, State and local funding be overshadowed by inaction that contributes to a levee failure or exacerbates the consequences of the failure?

Flood Forum speakers will have a candid discussion about the need to improve the consistency of institutional support for our flood management system.  Presentations will focus on addressing questions that might be posed in a post-flood assessment report evaluating levee and dam maintenance and design:

  • Did inequities in maintenance standards for levees and dams result in damage to adjacent communities or increase overall systemwide risk?
  • What did regulatory and management agencies know about design and maintenance deficiencies, and what actions did they take or not take to minimize flood risk?
  • Were infrastructure failures exacerbated by inadequate levels of funding or reducing state’s cost share in programs such as Delta Levee Maintenance Subventions?
  • Are there institutional changes that would allow for more efficient use of limited resources, and what might that look like?


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