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Animated graphic of BDCP/CA WaterFix water supply facilities in north Delta

Adopted in 2012, the CVFPP is currently in the second phase of regional implementation.  Funding and conservation strategy elements are currently being developed for addition into the 2017 update of the plan.

The Draft Central Valley Flood System Conservation Strategy document, Executive Summary, and 12 Appendices are available for review.

  • Review Guidance Document available to assist your review
  • A slide presentation describing the strategy to CVFPB in Feb 2015
  • CVFPB Advisory Committee (Conservation Strategy) Meeting - November 13th, 10:00am-12:00pm, 3310 El Camino Ave, Rm LL20

​Central Valley Flood Protection Plan

The United States Army Corps of Engineers is considering some changes to Public Law 84-99, the federal government's program to help rebuild damaged levees.

Read the Association's comments here.

Comments from the Department of Water Resources and the Central Valley Flood Protection Board are also available.



The Central Valley Flood Protection Board has new enforcement authority, including the authority to enforce encroachments on levees.

State and Federal inspection information and detailed reports are available at the California Data Exchange Center.

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan would affect levees, bypasses, and the State Plan of Flood Control.  Ten of the Plan's 22 proposed conservation projects would impact the state's flood facilities -- including bypasses, levees and flood flow capacity.


Levee Maintenance and Inspections

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Current Issues

Agriculture As A Way Of Life

The Central Valley of California provides approximately 25% of the US food supply; it provides approximately 50% of US grown fruits, nuts, and vegetables; over 1 million jobs in California are directly or indirectly supported by agriculture and approximately 22% of the US rice production is from California (the northern Sacramento region is the heart of the California rice industry) (CDFA, 2011).

Levees in rural areas protect these fertile areas -- as they grow.

View our 2011 report, Rural Flood Protection in the Sacramento Valley, to learn more about the challenges and benefits of managing flood protection areas alongside agriculture.

Life, Property, and Ecosystem

Flood management projects often combine multi-purpose benefits, including ecosystem, when can be accomplished without compromising primary flood protection objectives.

Core Principles

The Association was established in 1926 to promote the common interests of its membership in maintaining effective flood control systems in California's Central Valley for the protection of life, property and the environment.

Reducing flood risk and protecting public safety remains the day-to-day business of our members and agencies.

Public Safety.

Association Purpose

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